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Permanent Canal Closures and Pump Projects

"The Permanent Canal Closures and Pumps at 17th Street, Orleans Avenue and London Avenue will provide a permanent and more sustainable measure for reducing the risk of a 100-year level storm surge entering the outfall canals.  Preconstruction activities including surveying, soil sampling and test pile driving are or will be under way at all three canals in the next few weeks; major construction activities will begin in the fall.  

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Construction Impact Hotline: 877-427-0345"

Do You Know Where Your Evacuspot Is?

In 2013, the City of New Orleans and  [external link]  unveiled new artwork to mark the 17 designated City evacuation pick-up points where citizens may go during a mandatory evacuation. Our Lakeview EvacuSpot is located at the Smith Library Bus Stop at 6300 Canal Boulevard.

How Mandatory Evacuations Works

In the case of a dangerous or severe storm, generally Category 3 hurricane or higher, the City will call a mandatory evacuation. During a mandatory evacuation all citizens must leave the City of New Orleans until officials have designated the city safe for re-entry. 


How To Leave Town

The City provides transportation assistance for Orleans Parish residents and/or tourists who cannot self-evacuate during a mandatory city-wide evacuation. From their EvacuSpot, citizens will be transported to Union Pacific Terminal bus station, for outbound transportation to State and Federal shelters. Citizens who can leave town in their own transportation should leave as early as possible, and be aware that roads will change to contraflow, with all roads flowing out of town. 

If you have medical or mobility needs and cannot get to your closest EvacuSpot , you must call 311 or go to to sign up for the Special Needs Registry.

To Go Bag

Each member of the family, including pets, should have a sturdy bag with supplies for their individual needs in case of evacuation. Do not pack supplies in black garbage bags. Use canvas bags, backpacks, or with other materials that will hold up across travel when possible. These bags should include:

  • Change of clothing and undergarments¬†for at least three days, including layers of warm clothing and rain gear
  • Portable non-perishable food¬†such as energy or granola bars
  • Soap, deodorant, toothbrush¬†and other personal hygiene items
  • Vitamins, medicines, and/or prescription medicines, including a list of what kind, dosages, reason for taking, and prescription schedule. You should prepare as though you will be away from your regular pharmacy or medical supplies for at least a week's time.
  • Extra glasses or contact lenses
  • First Aid kit¬†or supplies
  • Child care¬†or other specialized supplies
  • Contact and meeting place for your family, including phone numbers, and a small regional map
  • Adults: extra credit card or ATM cards and cash, in small denominations, an extra set of house and/or car keys
  • Copies of all important documents, in waterproof, transportable container