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Lakeview Civic Improvement Association


Lakeview Residents: Our Spring 2016 resident survey is open and we want to hear from you! This is your chance to let the LCIA know what you want. We want to make the LCIA better but we need your feedback.
We made the survey as short as possible. Please take a few minutes to tell us what you like and what you think could be improved!

THANK YOU!  70124ever!

Letter from LCIA President Joe Giarrusso III

In 2015, the LCIA Board worked hard to fight crime, clean up our parks, churn out informative newsletters, and promote neighborhood fellowship.  On a community board – such as the LCIA – the president is the first among equals.  Brian Anderson deserves gratitude and praise for his work last year.  His unwavering commitment and devotion to the community cannot be measured.

Letter from LCIA President Brian Anderson

The Top 8 Things I Learned as LCIA President

Neighborhood Project Updates

Contractors have completed layout work in 95% of the Lakeview neighborhood, according to the Department of Public Works (“DPW”). This includes sidewalk demolition and restoration. Crews will continue working on pavement along 600 Polk Street, 6100 and 6200 General Diaz Street, 700 Germain Street, 600 Brooks Street, 6100 General Haig Street, 6000 Louis XIV Street, and 200 French Street.

Construction on the waterline replacements in the 6100 block of Vicksburg and the 800 block of Brooks Street are complete. The pavement above the roadway is delayed due to a broken drain.

Lakeview Phase II Repairs Quadrant 1 & 2

The City of New Orleans, FEMA-funded Recovery Roads Program has posted the Project Map, Fact Sheet, and List of Eligible repairs for Lakeview Phase II Repairs Quadrant 1 & 2.

To view the Project Map, click here.

Op-ed: "Fix My Streets! I Pay My Taxes", But Does It Matter That You Pay Your Taxes?

Note: This op-ed piece was republished from  Ralph Schindler is Technology & Data committee chair as well as a member of the LCIA Board Of Directors.

Surely you've seen the signs by now. “Fix My Streets! I Pay My Taxes,” they read. It's a shame it is an argument that has to be made, but it is one that is easily and often made. You see, 'round here, it's generally accepted as a "universal truth" that the Lake Area of New Orleans has the worst streets, perhaps even in the entire Gulf South. There's no dispute the streets need fixing. The part of the argument that needs exploring is the "I Pay My Taxes" part. Does that part of the argument hold as much water as the streets that need fixing? Let's explore that.

RTA's New Plans For The Canal St. Terminal

On July 12, 2014, LCIA met with representatives from Veoila Transportation and the Regional Transit Authority to discuss their plans to redevelop the existing Bus & Streetcar Terminals located at the intersection of Canal Blvd., City Park Avenue and Canal Street.

Do You Know Where Your Evacuspot Is?

In 2013, the City of New Orleans and  [external link]  unveiled new artwork to mark the 17 designated City evacuation pick-up points where citizens may go during a mandatory evacuation. Our Lakeview EvacuSpot is located at the Smith Library Bus Stop at 6300 Canal Boulevard.

How Mandatory Evacuations Works

In the case of a dangerous or severe storm, generally Category 3 hurricane or higher, the City will call a mandatory evacuation. During a mandatory evacuation all citizens must leave the City of New Orleans until officials have designated the city safe for re-entry.